Sally Dietzenbach

All three of our boys attended Mt. Cavalry Lutheran Preschool and we could not have made a better choice!  Our boys learned so many skills, routines, life lessons and grew in their love for God during their time there.  All of the teachers and other church staff truly love and care about the children at this preschool and it didn’t take long for them to feel like family.  Communication from the staff was excellent and we always felt like we knew what was going on at our kids’ school. The fun field trips, theme days, and family activities that Mt. Calvary Lutheran Preschool plans truly set their preschool apart from the rest.  I would recommend it to any families looking to prepare their kids for kindergarten!

Jennifer Simms

My little one started going to Mt Calvary when he was 3. I needed an afternoon Preschool and I instantly had a feeling that Mt Calvary was going to be a great place. I am so grateful that I found this amazing school. The environment is warm, bright and happy, and the teachers are amazing! In the 2 years that my little one went to Mt Calvary, I saw such growth in so many areas. He went from a shy and quiet toddler to a confident and self-assured young boy. If you are looking for a Preschool for your little one, you can’t do any better than Mt Calvary. It truly has been a wonderful experience!!!

Will and Caitlin Sinnett

Mt. Calvary has been a wonderful place for our children to begin their education. The environment is warm, friendly and inviting. This environment is created by the teachers. Both of our children were enrolled for morning sessions and they were fortunate to get to know Miss Marisa and Miss Jessica well. The teachers are extremely kind and they run an organized classroom focused on sharing God’s love. The opportunities for our children at Mt. Calvary were numerous. This is a kindergarten readiness program and they were introduced to all the educational fundamentals such as numbers, colors, shapes and the alphabet. Our children also experienced making crafts, singing songs, playing with their peers, going to the library, and establishing a faith foundation. It was wonderful to see our son and daughter grow throughout the years they spent at Mt. Calvary, both educationally as well as in their faith. The seeds for their relationship with Jesus were planted in preschool and roots were established. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Ashley Sibri

I decided to enroll my son in Mt Calvary at first because it was close to home. My son had gone to a previous preschool and had a very hard time adjusting so I let the teachers at Mt Calvary know that, but from day one he was very comfortable there. He had the privilege of doing the early morning drop off (7am) and that made it convenient for me and my work schedule as well. Through the school year I saw my son thrive, by the end of the school year my three year old was able to write his name (almost fully legible) as well as learning things like respect, caring and responsibility. Every day my son would come home telling me about the adventures of the day, whether it be a book he found in the library, a song he learned in music class, a play he saw on a field trip, or even the daily updates on whatever the theme of the week was that week. The environment is very loving and followed with my own values on raising my son to be honest, respectful and caring. I have to thank Miss Marisa and the awesome team of teachers there for giving my son a wonderful learning environment to grow and learn. I am very happy that I chose Mt Calvary and would recommend to anyone!

Elizabeth Wendt

I highly recommend Mt. Calvary Preschool. Our three-year-old son has thrived in their program. The teachers are qualified, loving and loyal. The facility is more than you could hope for, equipped with a full sized indoor gym, private outdoor play area, and kitchen where meals are prepared for the children. There is an organized field trip once a month, which includes watching a play, visiting the zoo, and meeting a dentist. My son has developed in so many ways: intellectually, spiritually and socially. The director of the program is communicative and organized. And, you can’t beat the affordable tuition.

Liz Berget

We are so thankful to have found Mt. Calvary and are in our first year having our son enrolled. I have been really impressed at how well the teachers actually know my son as an individual. Within just a few weeks of his attending, I felt like they knew where he was at academically, spiritually, and socially, and I’ve been so appreciative of the specific accommodations they’ve made to help him grow in each of those areas! The teachers’ love for Jesus is so evident, as is their desire to help the students know God and His love. There is a large emphasis on learning to be kind to others as well.

As a former teacher of young children, I think Mt. Calvary’s approach to learning through play and experiences is amazing; my son has come home and surprised me with what he knows about all sorts of topics, most often learned through fun, hands-on experiences like art projects, science experiments, and the super-engaging field trips the class goes on each month. Ms. Marisa has built a very organized program and is a great communicator, sending home a weekly newsletter detailing what the class will be learning and doing each week. We love Mt. Calvary and will definitely be sending all of our kids there!

David and Erika Kensinger

Mt. Calvary has been a jem of a preschool to find! When we began our search for a preschool for our oldest daughter who was then four years old, we were having a tough time finding one we felt comfortable with. We had gone on a few tours and talked to a few people before we had heard about Mt. Calvary. A friend of a neighbor had heard we were looking at preschools in the area and feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated when they told us to look at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Preschool since they had heard wonderful things about this school. So we did, we contacted Miss Marisa right away and we were immediately impressed with her and the school. There was no need for time to think about enrolling, we did it right away! Mt. Calvary and the teachers there were a breath of fresh air to us after our long and frustrating preschool search. What a relief it was to find them! My husband and I just felt comfortable and excited for our daughter to addend that fall. Since then, we have had 2 daughters attend there now and both girls have loved their teachers, the classroom, the chapel and the numerous fun field trips they went on! We love the way the classroom is structured and the activities they participate in! I can tell the staff really cares about the children and making their year a success in many ways. LOVE this school and would recommend it over and over to anyone looking for a great and happy preschool for their little ones!

Jamie Tway

We have been so impressed with the preschool at Mt. Calvary, it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents! It is apparent the love the teachers have for the children, as well as for the Lord, as they teach about Jesus and His Word. We also immediately noticed academic growth in our son after he started attending Mt. Calvary; he is certainly ready for Kindergarten this year (although he’s mentioned he will miss his preschool!)

Jesse Swenson

Enrolling our son into Mt Calvary preschool was the best decision for him and our family! From entering the program at 3 years old to now heading off to Kindergarten at 5 years old, our son truly excelled at Mt Calvary. The teachers are caring, supportive, educational and lead the children in faith-based learning. It was so fun to see his excitement for school and all of the different activities that he was going to be able to participate in. In addition the friendships and relationships that were formed by our son helped shape and prepare him for Kindergarten. We could not have asked for a better preschool and are thrilled that we can provide the same learning and growing experience for our next son, who will be starting at Mt Calvary this fall.

Julie Solomonson

When we enrolled our daughter at Mt Calvary for preschool, we were a bit apprehensive as to how well she would take to it. After being at home with mom all day, how would she handle being in a new environment with teachers and classmates she had never met? We decided to do half days, so she wouldn’t be overwhelmed with it all. The first day of school came and she did shed some tears…when it was time to go home. Our daughter loved and thrived at Mt Calvary. We ended up switching to full days because she loved it so much! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Mt Calvary. The days were nicely structured, they got to go on multiple field trips throughout the year, and there was equal focus on educational and spiritual teaching. We are looking forward to her final year at Mt Calvary before she heads off to Kindergarten. We know that with the tools she has acquired there she will do great. We are also looking forward to having our other children attend preschool at Mt Calvary and highly recommend this school to anyone.

Megan Holleran

Mt. Calvary Preschool is fantastic! Due to moves we have had our girls at several different preschools over the years. We are so thankful we have put down roots in South Minneapolis and found Mt. Calvary. The teachers are very kind and caring. They provide a nurturing environment where our daughter enjoys age appropriate, enriching activities. At Mt. Calvary they recognize preschoolers learn through play and exploration, thus structuring the day with plenty of guided play at creative learning centers, on their playground, or in the gym. They do a fantastic job integrating, age appropriate, school readiness activities like calendar time, music, math games, and reading a lot of fantastic books. We are impressed with how Mt. Calvary uses Bible time to teach young children both stories from the Bible and why it’s important to treat others in a loving, caring, and Christ like way. Of course our daughter loves the monthly field trips! Her favorite trip was to the horse ranch where she got to read stories to a barn kitten. (She’s still asking to bring that kitten home.) Our daughter loves Mt. Calvary and while she is now ready for kindergarten, she is sad she won’t be spending her days with her teachers and friends at preschool. I’m thankful our youngest will start at Mt. Calvary in the fall, so we don’ t have to say good bye just yet.

Stracey Ishwar

Mt Calvary Lutheran preschool was a blessing in disguise. The teachers’ dedication and willingness to see your child succeed and grow into their individual identity was amazing. My daughter learned so much socially, emotionally and academically. I loved how she learned about God and community. It was awe inspiring to know she had the guidance from her teachers to follow the right path. Through the excellent teaching skills my daughter is a true leader and very rule oriented. I look forward to my younger daughter starting school this fall 2015. I know my angel will be in safe capable hands. I highly recommend this phenomenal preschool. Parents your concerns will disappear when you meet the best teachers in Richfield.