Megan Holleran

Mt. Calvary Preschool is fantastic! Due to moves we have had our girls at several different preschools over the years. We are so thankful we have put down roots in South Minneapolis and found Mt. Calvary. The teachers are very kind and caring. They provide a nurturing environment where our daughter enjoys age appropriate, enriching activities. At Mt. Calvary they recognize preschoolers learn through play and exploration, thus structuring the day with plenty of guided play at creative learning centers, on their playground, or in the gym. They do a fantastic job integrating, age appropriate, school readiness activities like calendar time, music, math games, and reading a lot of fantastic books. We are impressed with how Mt. Calvary uses Bible time to teach young children both stories from the Bible and why it’s important to treat others in a loving, caring, and Christ like way. Of course our daughter loves the monthly field trips! Her favorite trip was to the horse ranch where she got to read stories to a barn kitten. (She’s still asking to bring that kitten home.) Our daughter loves Mt. Calvary and while she is now ready for kindergarten, she is sad she won’t be spending her days with her teachers and friends at preschool. I’m thankful our youngest will start at Mt. Calvary in the fall, so we don’ t have to say good bye just yet.