David & Erika Kensinger

Mt. Calvary has been a jem of a preschool to find!  When we began our search for a preschool for our oldest daughter who was then four years old, we were having a tough time finding one we felt comfortable with.  We had gone on a few tours and talked to a few people before we had heard about Mt. Calvary.  A friend of a neighbor had heard we were looking at preschools in the area and feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated when they told us to look at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Preschool since they had heard wonderful things about this school.  So we did, we contacted Miss Marisa right away and we were immediately impressed with her and the school.  There was no need for time to think about enrolling, we did it right away! Mt. Calvary and the teachers there were a breath of fresh air to us after our long and frustrating preschool search.  What a relief it was to find them!  My husband and I just felt comfortable and excited for our daughter to addend that fall.  Since then, we have had 2 daughters attend there now and both girls have loved their teachers, the classroom, the chapel and the numerous fun field trips they went on! We love the way the classroom is structured and the activities they participate in!  I can tell the staff really cares about the children and making their year a success in many ways.  LOVE this school and would recommend it over and over to anyone looking for a great and happy preschool for their little ones!